Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I am so utterly tired. My wife takes the brunt of it but our new baby boy has a cold and it keeps him up all hours of the night. I feel like a zombie when I get into work, which is OK I guess since we are pretty much drones churning out the same thing day after day. In this stupor of consciousness, I received a call from another irate employee berating me for not doing what she asked (even though she never asked it). I explained the procedures to her as set up by our CEO and she proceeded to tell me she was going to call Mr. CEO himself since they were friends, then hung up on me. Now, up until this point I was OK with how she felt because I realize how important subscriptions are to our eternal salvation, but mainly because she had status in our feature film department. But when she pulled out the ol’ Hollywood “look who I know” ego trip thing, I was done. Where do they get off!? It seems like status and power give everyone here a right to totally disregard those lower than them and simple manners and honor flee out the window. Remind me if I ever make it, to not let bitterness and pride turn me into another psycho narcissist beast! Oh, yeah...I never heard from her again and everything went according to how I explained it. Hmmm
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