Sunday, December 11, 2005

Long Time No See

So, the reason that I have not been writing for some time is that I have been on family leave since the beginning of November and am enjoying it way too much. I love being a father, I love watching my kids grow, I love how my first son (I shall refer to him as nugget from now on) imitates everything I say like "Mother of sin and death!" Believe me, coming from a two year old, it's pretty funny. I love they way my new son (whom will be referred to hereafter as Bean) is so freakin' pudgy that he has cellulite on his knees and laughs hysterically every time he sees me. Yeah, being a father was what I was meant to do. However, I know my reign as lord of the home will come to a close soon, either because I have to go back to work, or more accurately, I can't do half as good a job as my beautiful wife. So, if I'm such a homebody, I guess I have no chance of ever breaking into an industry that requires 18 hour workdays....we shall see. Anyways, I know nobody really reads this but my Dad is narrowing his options for cancer treatment and is doing really well. I enjoyed Thanksgiving at my Wife’s Family in central Oregon, and all the throw up, diarrhea sickness that came with it. So that's all for know as I am just getting my feet wet right now. One last shameless plug for my studio.... go buy The Polar Express; Kid's love it (especially if like nugget, they are into trains) and it really is a pretty darn good movie.