Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Job

Is it possible that I am really updating my Blog after so long? Besides not having the time, there have been a lot of changes that have wooed me away from writing into cyber-space. I was informed back at the beginning of may that I was being let go from my job. It seems that out stellar Television Production company did not have so hot of a year. As a matter of fact, by my count…of the 28 primetime shows we had on the air last year, 17 were either cancelled or relegated to midseason this year. Wow that’s a drop. Anyway, so I was left with the impending demise of my life in film production and had to look elsewhere. After interviews with Television Producers, The Family Guy, Interactive Video Games, Music and Publicity peoples…I finally decided to accept a position handling international marketing for our studio’s feature films. Wheee…it’s not in production, but definitely a promotion. I am really excited and will be starting the middle of June. I will keep you updated on the rigors of a departing Television employee before I start with the wonders of a new marketing stooge! Let the congrats pour in….