Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Talk about busy, there is way too much going on here. I went to a writing seminar for people interested in writing TV specs (I’m not, just took some friends) and they laid it out truthfully about how difficult it really is. I believe her because there is so much out there that is not up to par. I had a wonderful father’s day. My kids are the best. I got a little book my son drew about all the things that make us similar and different. It makes everything I do worthwhile.

Pilot 5: I think that I’m on pilot 5…but it’s been too long. Anyways, this one is about a woman who is an expert in relationships. On one of her book tours, she finds out that her fiancĂ© is cheating on her and goes into a downward spiral. Forced to readjust her life, she decides to stay in the remote town on her tour where the men outnumber the women 10 to one. The show was actually very pleasant to watch. The director of “walk the Line” did this one and it was apparent. Some very touching moments, but the only problem is that it completed it story arc. I was satisfied with the ending and it seemed as though everything was resolved. I’m not sure what would draw me to watch more episodes.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Golden Boys

Pilot 4: This pilot is pretty much a buddy comedy, in the same lines as the odd couple. A freewheeling doctor and a straightedge judge are best friends. Facing a crossroads in life, they realize they may only have a limited number of years to live and decide to do so in style. What makes it funny is the over the top performances and the willingness of the show to be completely silly. The age of the actors might alienate younger viewers, but if they continue to write well, it may become a hit.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Wrong Crown

So I thought this was the funniest thing in the world. One way to start a catfight is to crown the wrong girl at an international Beauty pageant. Awesome! My days of peace and solitude are coming to a close now that the TV executives are returning from their retreat. I took solace knowing that the weather was cruddy down at the beach the whole time so those of us left at the office didn’t miss much (other than a five star hotel and all meals catered). Also, women should never fret about never having hair like Jennifer Aniston. According to one of our departments, they would shell out $3,000 bucks just to get her hair done for a TV appearance. Wow, it makes me appreciate how wonderful my wife is for doing her own hair.

Pilot 3: A show similar to Friends, but this one revolves around a group of people pulled together for an elementary school class reunion. Needless to say they have all changed and all out for either revenge, or hooking back up. I wasn’t impressed with the acting, but the writing is top notch and it made me chuckle genuinely. I wasn’t too keen on the moral message of the show (cheating on your husband doesn’t sit well with me…no matter how much of a loser he is) but any comedy amongst the slew of Dramas is a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Great Thriller

Pilot 2 deals with a bunch of people that go into a bank and get held up as hostages. What makes it so cool is you see them going in, and then coming out without any explanation of what happened the few days they were inside the bank. It’s told in flashbacks and putting clues together. This was probably one of my favorite pilots and has a lot of style, good acting…and already characters that I care about. It seems that most of the pilots this year are dramas. Oh well, I could use a few laughs every now and then.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Guess the Pilot

Pilots are out and as an employee I get to watch all the new ones that our Television group makes. It’s actually really fun to see shows you know won’t be on TV for at least another couple of months. Needless to say there are my favorites and then some I am not so enthused about. I will try giving you a breakdown of what they are about and what I though of them without getting in too much trouble (like giving out the name). So put on your thinking caps, and your internet research skills as I present clues as to what the “New Show” is and you send me your best guess as to which one I am describing. All the shows have been picked up by major networks so there is a possibility of actually finding out which ones they are. Good luck!!!

Pilot 1: A devoted family man turns out to be a career criminal specializing in high stake robbery's. His team of thrill seekers includes cold blooded murderers, wise cracking show girls and ex-cons. In the pilot, a major robbery of rare works of art goes awry and the lead questions the depth of his involvement in the underworld. The show had great special effects (explosions) and was directed beautifully, but the story was too disjointed and slow-moving for me to be completely engaged. I would give it an OK rating.