Monday, July 21, 2008

Death in The Dark Knight

So now that ‘The Dark Knight” did a bazillion dollars on it’s opening weekend, you know there are some movie execs in Hollywood figuring out how they can kill off one of their lead actors in an upcoming tentpole. I know it’s horrible to say, but honestly I think a big part of TDK’s success is the death of Heath Ledger. Brilliant as his acting stint may be and as awesome as Nolan is at directing, I bet a numerous host went to see Ledgers final performance, rather than just cause it was a Bat pic. Believe me, those execs look at trends, cause and effect, and somewhere out there, one of them is eyeing the WB’s haul and hoping for someone to die. I wish it were not so, but those sketchy morals and emphasis on Box office are some of the reasons I chose to eschew the lure of Hollywood. I still miss Cali though!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dance Off!!

Modern street face-off's have nothing on these guys. Lets see some "SO you think you can dance" dudes pull off the accordion dance!! I freakin' love Russia!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I have been sick since last Saturday and it is not fun. Luckily, there is not the stomach, throw-uppy kind. It's the sore throat, headache, fever, aches and pains kind. Me and my son both got it while we were camping. A little freaky considering we were eaten alive by misquitoes and they carry a little virus called West Nile. We went and got some blood work done so we will find out results in a couple of days, but I'm betting it's not anything serious. All I need for it to do is go away. Life carries on as usual though so I went back to work before I was fully recovered. I had to do some more project scoping but it allowed for me to take some more pics. Hope you enjoy!