Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Because I know that you are all dying to see whay a husband writes to his wife, here is the most recent AIM conversation. That is a great posotive to a desk job, the ability to communicate with her virtually whenever. would I give that up?

ME: hi love!
Wife: hi!
ME: how was swimming?
Wife: good
Wife: how is your day?
ME: mine is good, gave blood, got woozy and now playing catch-up
Wife: got woozy? you don't usually do that do you?
ME: no, but I had to walk a ways so when I got to my desk, I just sat for a few
Wife: wow! I'm sorry. Luckily you didn't black out on the way
ME: It was OK, is kayden asleep?
Wife: no. he played for about 5 minutes then came and told me he wanted to go in the crib. Our little 2 1/2 year old is doing his happy arms and feet under the mobile.
ME: great, newborn regression
Wife: exactly.
ME: and you, labor yet?
Wife: I wish.
Wife: I'm getting more and more uncomfortable.
ME: I know, I wish there was something I could do...I guess you'll have to rely on my massages
Wife: you are so good to me! I couldn't make it without you!
ME: I will bask in my glory now
ME: Is there anything you need? do you want me to come home?
Wife: no. I think I'm good. Just have some work to do now.
ME: Okay, loves
Wife: love you!

so maybe not as entertaining as you though but they can get racy...like I'd ever post one of those for the world to read.
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