Friday, August 19, 2005

Back to the Grind

Family life is how it is supposed to be. Sure, I am exhausted and hungry as well as a little glazed over, but I miss my kids. I returned to my corporate cubicle job to find that the computers didn’t work right and it has basically made my day a complete waste. This is a shame since I could have taken off Friday as well and then I would have had 9 days strait without work. However, when you work for the largest media company in the world, there are certain protocols that interfere. If I take five or more days there is all this paperwork and approval process and everything else since I just recently took vacation and don’t have any official vacation time. I used up my two days this July. I have accrued more vacation days but they are not available for use until next year (another weird policy). So instead, I took four sick days to care for my new son and wife. It was really difficult going back to work, even more so than when you come back from a vacation. My eldest son is already asking where I am back at home and that touches me. I realize that this is probably a really boring blob for most of you to read…so to summarize, GOING BACK TO WORK SUCKS! Nothing new in the realm of filmmaking possibilities other than an old friend asked me if I did any writing because a couple of his acquaintances are looking for a short script to produce. Maybe I should break into production through acting or writing. I am sure my skills of portraying the Fonz or my uncanny ability to write engaging prose could break me into the biz!
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