Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I’m always looking for a great deal, and sometimes I actually get one. We recently bought a Roboreptile for my son’s birthday for $35, when it is usually $100. Now, I can’t say that I am always this frugal (I splurge on my wife) there are a few places that help keep the cost down. Vicky’s Deals and Brad’s Deals are both great coupon sites. If it’s food you’re looking to save on, then the Grocery Game is probably your best bet. Why I’m dishing out these bits of wisdom to random people who will probably never read this, only my subconscious knows, but have fun anyway! I wish there were deals like that on cars, or houses.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rating Trauma

It’s crazy that anyone would take their kids to an R-rated movie but from the sounds of this article, it looks like people do it pretty often. They are re-doing the movie rating system because they want to make it more clear to the public that it is not acceptable. I don’t know how those parents pull it off, I can’t even go to a G rated film with my kids and have them sit though it. Maybe the children are so traumatized by the experience that they just sit there in some sort of fetal horror. Then the parents are like “Wow, she didn’t move the entire time, she must have really been into this one”...and the trauma continues. These ratings are probably a better guage of what to go by, and are sure a lot more fun to read!

Friday, January 26, 2007

A while back I tried out for American Idol to no avail. It was fun and silly. It’s a huge cattle-call process and you are pre-screened by hired “producers” before you even get to try out in front of the judges. I was really impressed with all the talent, but nobody I was around made it behind the doors to the judges or on camera. They make you line up five across then give you 10 seconds to prove you got the stuff. Needless to say, trying to impress hired hands on the middle of the field in the Rose Bowl without acoustics in 118 degree weather is a challenge. They took a lot of psycho, crazy and horrible sounding people, and a few really good ones as well; but the majority of the talent was left outside. So when you watch American Idol and they complain about there being no talent, and all there are is horrible auditions; just remember for every good person you hear, there are about 100 more just as good that never even got the chance to be Judged.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

...It's who you know

A person came into my office today from an Emmy winning TV show and I started talking with her about what she does. She said she only was out of school for two years and is an assistant line producer (not a bad job). I asked her how she got the job and she said she was promoted.
“From what” I asked
“A production assistant” was her reply.
“How’d you land that job?”
“I came over from another show” she said, clearly not realizing that I was trying to figure out how she got into the show biz. When all was said and done, come to find out she got her first job because her friends dad was a producer…for a while there she had me thinking she had worked hard to get in. Oh well, looks like I really am the first person to try this. Hey look, aShark!

Monday, January 22, 2007


As a tribute to my 100th blog (can you belive that) I have changed the look of my web page to celebrate. It actually isn't all that different. Other than that, really nothing new or noteworthy to write about other than Sundance is going on right now, and there's probably not a single film made for under a million dollars in the competition. So much for Indie cinema.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Baby Swap

We’ve gone into the undercover child business of swapping babies. Due to the fact that your Romanic involvement as a couple significantly decreases with the addition of children, we have [paired up with some other friends to swap babies once a week for a night by rotating who watches them. The baby less couples can then go on a date and do things that grownups do. Last week, we actually went to a movie (Dreamgirls, excellent). Today however is our turn to watch all the children. If we thought it was hard with two, then I wonder what it’s going to be like with 9 kids for a night.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


What is this Flixter thing?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Pet Peeves

I’m a mean person. I test my boss’s pet peeves just for the fun of it. She has this thing where decaffeinated coffee must be in an orange coffee pot. Every now and then I make it in a regular gold coffee pot just to see how she will react. The conversation usually goes something like this:
“Is this decaffeinated coffee?”
“Yes, I wouldn’t make you caffeinated.”
“But it’s not in the orange pot?!”
“This is your own personal coffee machine, you’re the only one who drinks from it, and the only coffee we have is decaffeinated. The color of the pot shouldn’t change that.”
“But that’s not the right pot”
Hmmmm. She also likes this little lamp turned on over at this little table because she thinks it will make our sickly Poinsettia grow. I sometimes leave it off just to see if she says anything. She usually does. It’s mean, but it’s kinda fun. On sad news, a whale shark died.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Super Blunder

The ultimate collector’s edition of Superman was released to the world in November, however, It was not released to the studio employees for some weird reason. I called the store here, and they said there was a quality control issue with the set. Come to find out, some of the disks, or the special features had un[playable glitches which the Home video dept. caught too late. Therefore, those that snatched up the collection in stores have a defective product. Surprisingly, not many have been returned leaving one to believe that most people don’t watch the special features or something. I am just mad I can’t buy it at employee prices. Also, good luck finding it for sale right now. It seems all shipments have stopped till they correct the problem.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Life is Good!

I feel good about my future prospects right now. Housing in Springfield, MO is still relatively low; I’ve almost put in a year here at my current job; our “on-the-side" business is slowly chugging to life; I have a Tivo now; we received massage oils as part of our Christmas gifts. Now, these things may seem like a random and incoherent list, but they all add up to something good in some way or another. There is a lot of great potential out there. And if things do take a turn for the worst in 2007, just remember no matter how bad your life seems, it can never do as poorly as ‘Zyzzyx’.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a Break!

Well, New Years is over, and I really am back to the Grind. I have come to the realization that almost nobody in the world reads my blog. I need to get my name out there somehow. Wait, why do I want people to read my blog. I know for a fact that this wouldn’t entertain you nearly as much as it does me. It is cool to look back on things that have happened oh so long ago and reminisce…but I’ll save that for my 100th anniversary blog or something. We went to see the Rose Parade floats, stayed up to bang pots and pans and watched movies all night while putting together a puzzle. I even got to watch the Boise State - Oklahoma game on New Years Day…now that was a treat!