Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Corporate Shark

Speaking of large film corporations, film moguls and sharks, George Lucas compared large entertainment companies to sharks. Is this a subtle jab at fellow frienemy Spielberg’s creation of the mega movie Jaws? Probably not but it would be nice to stir the pot a little.

"A big company has its downsides," (Lucas) added. "It's kind of like a shark. If it doesn't swim then it dies. If you grow and get bigger and bigger then you collapse. ILM has reached a level where we don't want to get any bigger. We're the oldest and most advanced visual effects studio today."

I’m willing to make a bet that Lucas arts and ILM get way bigger. With their huge Star Wars franchise just getting started…wait, scratch that. Looks like Lucas has one heck of a huge shark with nothing to feed on.
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