Thursday, July 28, 2005

Trickle Down Let-Down

So the studio I work for hasn’t been doing too badly in the movie department recently. They are still releasing a few more this summer, but the big ones they have release have been doing pretty good. Of course, we don’t see any of the residuals from that. I am sure upper management is going to their back-slapping, self-appraising cocktail parties and getting high on the notion that their work has rendered the company successful. I on the other hand realize that if I suddenly left, nothing would happen. Sure there would be some angry employees and execs that want their subscriptions or cart washed, but they would get over it. I guess in a way I was hoping that the good luck and extra cash flow would somehow trickle down to us grunts. Maybe they require some sort of ritualistic sacrifice? The only way I know how to oblige is to feed my only son to a huge fiberglass photo-op shark. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure every immature dad has done likewise when visiting Universal Studios so I’ll bet money it’s not nearly original enough to qualify.
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