Friday, July 28, 2006

Preparations for Food

I’ve decided to put up a Hawaii picture of the day, just so you are in a good mood before you start reading my blob. This one is an old church in Haleiwa that had a beautiful Redstone arch and was so lush. I am in the throws of making up invitations for an Emmy party the company is throwing. It takes a while to get everyone’s name and address, especially for the talent (the celebrities). I am excited about the party because there is going to be a lot of good food. It’s going to be in a really nice restaurant, the one that Richard Geare and Julia Roberts eat dinner in “Pretty Woman”. And just for all the guessers out there, here is a pic of an upcoming pilot, about three friends that have been framed for terrorist activities. I think the dude in the middle is that flame thrower guy from the X-Men movies. But I could be wrong. Really good show, too bad it’s only a mid season pick-up.
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