Monday, July 17, 2006

Hawaiian Paradise

So I promised a few pictures and here they are. These are just a smattering of what went on but man....awesome! It has been really difficult to get back to real life, but I'm sure it will happen soon. In the meantime, Enjoy these:
This was the lobby of our hotel. Too bad we didn't enjoy it much as we were gone every day, all day!
Yeah, those are sharks behind me. We got to go SHARK DIVING!
We got pretty close as you can see.
We went to the LDS Temple in Laie on our anniversary!
A view of Oahu from the Pali lookout.
This blowhole shot huge gysers into the air, and was right next to the beach where they filmed the kissing scene in "From Here to Eternity"
Our favorite thing to do was snorkel.
I will have more pictures later. It seems like I can only post a few at a time.
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