Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Paradise Part 2

Well, we had a lot of Emmy nominations this year for our productions here in TV. Because of this, our company is throwing an Emmy party the night of the awards. Needless to say I am heavily involved with this and it is actually a lot of fun coming up with ideas and getting everything arranged. We are also having a party for one of our shows that is having it's 100th episode 2 weeks after the first so I am swamped. I am just amazed at the amount of money that is thrown into these things. It could pay my salary for years, let alone help some starving country with its economic crisis. But this is Hollywood and we do enjoy patting ourselves on the back every now and then don't we.

And now for some more in extravagant living...more pictures from Hawaii!
You could swim right up to the fish at Hanuma Bay.
The USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor was great, but never try going on a July 4th weekend.
The Polynesian Culture Center really does give you a taste of the Islands. A wonderful day trip!
We rented a kayak for the day and scouted out the coolest places on the island.
On an offshore island, we had a great view of Oahu, and a little place of calm to snorkel and relax with sea turtles.
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