Friday, August 04, 2006

Shark Week

This was a picture of Waimea Bay we took right off the road. I wouldn't have put that explanation in other than the fact that it looks so much like a postcard. My eyeballs are burning because I have been researching addresses and sending out invitations to the Emmy party that we are having. I'm already bored of this topic. Across the parking lot, they are filming Ocean's 13 and I was lucky enough to see almost the entire cast shootin' the breeze on the top of a heli-pad (completely fake with green screens and everything). Other than that, I am headed down to Anaheim to go visit my sister and hopefully find a place to go snorkeling. I am a little freaked out since my wife and I have been watching Shark Week all week on the discovery channel. We are taping it for my son who is completely obsessed with the ocean, especially monsters, dinosaurs and sharks. His favorite thing to do is watch documentaries. He's already smarter than me. I have no clue how I’m going to convince him not to do all the stuff I wanted to do growing up with logic. He'd win. Here is a picture of the next pilot, not much going for it so I’m not going to write much. It’s supposed to be a comedy about pregnancy but it didn’t make me laugh. Oh well.
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