Monday, July 24, 2006


I know that everyone has been having hot summer days around the country so I am not going to lament on the stifling heat without real air conditioning. I will lament on the workload that I have as it seems that even though we are planning 2 huge parties, are usual day to day functions have not waned leaving us struggling to get caught up or even get things done on time. Luckily however, we have been having great success as a TV Production company with new deals, lots of Emmy’s and a ton of new shows. The studio is struggling with their theatrical releases…none of them have lived up to expectations. I have actually enjoyed our films immensely, but the rest of the country seems to have Pirates on the brain. Personally, though entertaining, I thought the movie was very convoluted and the characters never stayed true to form. Aha, the critic in me is talking. I have decided to try out for American Idol, mainly just to say that I did.
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