Friday, January 26, 2007

A while back I tried out for American Idol to no avail. It was fun and silly. It’s a huge cattle-call process and you are pre-screened by hired “producers” before you even get to try out in front of the judges. I was really impressed with all the talent, but nobody I was around made it behind the doors to the judges or on camera. They make you line up five across then give you 10 seconds to prove you got the stuff. Needless to say, trying to impress hired hands on the middle of the field in the Rose Bowl without acoustics in 118 degree weather is a challenge. They took a lot of psycho, crazy and horrible sounding people, and a few really good ones as well; but the majority of the talent was left outside. So when you watch American Idol and they complain about there being no talent, and all there are is horrible auditions; just remember for every good person you hear, there are about 100 more just as good that never even got the chance to be Judged.
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