Wednesday, January 24, 2007

...It's who you know

A person came into my office today from an Emmy winning TV show and I started talking with her about what she does. She said she only was out of school for two years and is an assistant line producer (not a bad job). I asked her how she got the job and she said she was promoted.
“From what” I asked
“A production assistant” was her reply.
“How’d you land that job?”
“I came over from another show” she said, clearly not realizing that I was trying to figure out how she got into the show biz. When all was said and done, come to find out she got her first job because her friends dad was a producer…for a while there she had me thinking she had worked hard to get in. Oh well, looks like I really am the first person to try this. Hey look, aShark!
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