Monday, October 02, 2006

Yom Break

I swear Hollywood shuts down on Yom Kippur. I never realized the extent and number of Jewish people actually work in the Industry. It’s pretty fascinating. Everything is pretty non-functional today. The other day some kids found a mouse outside which of course excited my son so much, he had to run out there and catch it. I was skeptical since catching a mouse is pretty dang hard even for a full grown adult, let a lone a 3 year old. That’s why we use mousetraps. He proceeded to go outside, and like the Crocodile hunter very charismatically snatched up the mouse. Then, the mouse turned and bit him on the finger, even breaking the skin a little. It terrified my son and he kept saying we should go after it and put it in a jar forever and ever. I felt bad for him, but how do you tell him to be careful when he is so excited about it. Shoot, I had no clue the mouse would turn and attack. Then I read an article about sharks (yay! sharks) where the author was interviewing an expert about nurse sharks and how they can sometimes be dangerous.

Schwartz: "The 14-foot ones can be real bad.”

Me: "So the big nurses are mean?"

Schwartz: "Right. Some scuba divers like to grab them by the tail.”

Me: "They grab the nurses?"

Schwartz: "Right, and the sharks wheel around and bite the living daylights out of them."

Me: "Don't you have to be pretty stupid to grab a 14-foot shark by the tail?"

Schwartz: "Scuba divers' mentality is not always the best."

My son may not be a scuba diver, but he does tell me frequently that he wants to be an underwater camera man; or a “paleontologist”, because they’re “experts at dealing with prehistoric bones.” I kid you not, my 3 year old son has the vocabulary of most high schoolers.

Picture of the day: These Tihitian dancers shake their hips so fast they just look like blurs.
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