Monday, October 09, 2006

Can you believe that my favorite shows aren’t doing so hot? I mean, I though “Studio 60” had a chance because it is so smart and quirky, but all the criticism it gets is that it’s not funny enough…..FUNNY!.....I can’t believe that people don’t realize it is a drama. It’s different and that’s what I like. Then there is “The Nine”. Nobody watched it…it is great. Honestly the best new show out on television, that is until “Traveler” debuts. At least I have found solace that “Heroes” has a full season order, despite unspectacular ratings. I will be able to finish out the season with those superheroes. Lost is the only bright spot on the radar, but they don’t really count since they’re not a new show. Still way addicted though…best show on TV period.
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