Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pizzaz says "Take That"

So the paparazzi are getting it out of their system before the new law goes into effect Jan. 1st forbidding them to harass and destroy people’s lives and fining them if they do. Poor, Poor Lindsey Lohan…she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight or famous at all so leave her alone. In other News, Los Angeles has officially boycotted Root Beer. I spent days trying to track down some root beer extract to no avail till a wonderful family friend came to the rescue with a smuggled bottle from Utah. They do not carry it at Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Vons, Trader Joe’s, Smart and Final, Brewery stores or restaurants, specialty shops or food manufacturers. I only needed a tablespoon full to make my wife Root Beer Float Cake. Curse you LA, for disdain for the great mid-west, non-alcoholic red state drink nectar of the gods. As much as I am a movie person, we do get around to playing board games every now and then. Unfortunately, one of our favorites is also one of the most ghetto. Our scrabble was made in the 30’s and has pieces missing, paper ripped off etc. Despite these deplorable conditions, there is an even more white trash version available…printed on paper. scrabble (pdf)

*UPDATE* Lindsey Lohan is a crash magnet! There was NO paparazzi involved, just an innocent worker making a U-turn. Darn, I really wanted another reason to hate the Pizzaz!
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