Friday, October 07, 2005

Birthday Cuisine

My son; of the Blackfoot tribe. Actually, it’s just so cute when they get their newborn footprint stamp. I have found the true way to a woman's heart is Root-Beer-Float Cake that you make from scratch. Working on it for two hours was well worth the reward. It looked really cool to boot. I consider my wife's birthday a success because we got my 2 year old son to eat crawfish, crab and octopus at a Chinese restaurant. My wife’s parents are in town so I took them around the movie studio to see cool things being filmed. Unfortunately, the place is WAY busy right now and we could barely go anywhere because everything was off limits for filming. We did get to see George Lopez and Clint Eastwood walking around though. I guess I should look forward to these busy times however seeing as Hollywood is calling it quits.
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