Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Earth, Mud, & Fire

So, there was a mudslide yesterday above out apartment and I didn’t even know about it. The video is pretty cool though. It’s because the fires have weakened the hillside so much. I wonder what’s next for our little village hamlet. Also, I warned you before that cuts and downsizing was coming to my movie studio. It looks like the mainstream media got a hold of it as well so I am sure I will be getting calls from my family wondering if my job is secure. Like I care. I’m off on Paternity leave in three weeks anyway. I great comment comes from a fellow worker who adds their two cents (in parenthesis) to one of the funniest paragraphs in the article about the budget cuts and layoffs:

“At Warner Bros., efficiency has been the watchword for months. Four months ago, Meyer and Horn held a three-day meeting with 95 top Warner Bros. executives at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point. (with rates starting at $395.00 per night x 95 x 2 nights = $75,050.00 + meals) There, the studio chiefs instructed their division heads to comb their 2006 budgets looking for ways to shave costs. What they came up with is under discussion.”

All Hail large corporations and big thinking!
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