Friday, September 30, 2005

We're On Fire!

Ok, so we’re not really burning, but there is a lot of smoke and Ash. From the studio, it looks like the hill above our house is an erupted volcano. My son thinks that there are a lot of bugs flying around. The fire over in Topanga is worse and my department head came home from a trip to find his family evacuated and Firemen sleeping in his driveway. They saved his house so mad props to all the fire fighters out there who work endlessly so we can live comfortably. It has been one year exactly since I started my job here…that’s all I have to say bout’ that. I couldn’t resist adding this link to show you the power of editing. This clip takes one of the scariest movies ever the Shining and re-cut a feel good family movie trailer for the film Shining. He he, the power of cinema.
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