Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lost in the Jungle

So it’s not a shark, but its got teeth and my son kept talking about a tiger as he was walking through someones landscaped yard and calling it the Jungle. We took this pic at the zoo where they still don’t have that alligator that is running loose in Los Angeles. Yesterday I was taking a walk after lunch around the studio when it began to rain out of nowhere. Yeah, rain in LA, that’s weird. The closest production office was closed so I holed up inside the ranger station on the Invasion set. There are big signs all over that say “Authorized production Staff Only.” But hey, it was raining and there was nobody around. The show is actually OK, even though I am a fan of Lost. I’ve started watching season one from the beginning and realized that they need to start making movies that are this good. In other news, it seems like Disney is making a movie version of The Bridge to Tarabithia, which was a favorite childhood book of mine. Then I thought, wait; wasn’t there already a movie made of this thing? Turns out I was right, and once again Hollywood slips into the safety of the remake. In employment news, I gave my resume to some contacts that are in the studio’s feature development department so we will see if that leads anywhere, and I also got a raise, so now I make enough to pay our gas bill.
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