Monday, June 05, 2006

Guess the Pilot

Pilots are out and as an employee I get to watch all the new ones that our Television group makes. It’s actually really fun to see shows you know won’t be on TV for at least another couple of months. Needless to say there are my favorites and then some I am not so enthused about. I will try giving you a breakdown of what they are about and what I though of them without getting in too much trouble (like giving out the name). So put on your thinking caps, and your internet research skills as I present clues as to what the “New Show” is and you send me your best guess as to which one I am describing. All the shows have been picked up by major networks so there is a possibility of actually finding out which ones they are. Good luck!!!

Pilot 1: A devoted family man turns out to be a career criminal specializing in high stake robbery's. His team of thrill seekers includes cold blooded murderers, wise cracking show girls and ex-cons. In the pilot, a major robbery of rare works of art goes awry and the lead questions the depth of his involvement in the underworld. The show had great special effects (explosions) and was directed beautifully, but the story was too disjointed and slow-moving for me to be completely engaged. I would give it an OK rating.
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