Friday, February 17, 2006


According to my inside contact the position that I really want at the studio in feature development has postponed hiring because the VP is out of town. But, I just received word (from an outside source) that indeed they were already in interviews. I haven’t heard a thing. I can’t just go and out my contact in the department as a liar but I wish I had the facts. Oh wells, another chance that might not come my way. I have been submitting to jobs like a madman and average of 8 to 20 per week and have only been contacted once about potential hire. I keep thinking there is something wrong with my resume or cover letter but each time I review them I am quite impressed. Maybe it just goes to show that they way to move up in Hollywood is not through the traditional corporate ways….and that resumes, experience or education means nothing. I attended a panel discussion with executives in different departments and they told stories of how they “made it” in the biz. My hopes were high until they mentioned their past (Harvard Business Grad, Computer prodigy w/ own game company, Business developer for Coke/IBM)… too bad I don’t have any of those qualifications in my arsenal when I’m “trying to make it.” I’m headed out of town for the extended weekend, pray the weather improves.
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