Monday, February 06, 2006

Viva Portugal!

I went and visited my family for the weekend because my little brother came home from living in Portugal for two years on his mission. He has been proselytizing for so long he was a little freaked out by all the worldly ways and about America in general. I know what he’s feeling considering I spent two years in Russia, and coming back to America was way more of a culture shock that going to Russia. I must say though that Russia is a little more sober after I left, either because of my preaching or they’re just running out of alcohol. But anyways, he’s home safe now and brought cute cultural staples like the ones pictured. I had fun playing games, eating, watching the super bowl and of course going to the Train Museum with my eldest son. He’s officially obsessed. We got a new inter-company memo from the president explaining why they sold off the book publishing division, even though they had great returns. Lots of changes to a media conglomerate.
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