Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nominate Narcissism

The Oscar nominations came out yesterday, and despite the applause everyone has lauded on these pictures; it proved to me something that I have been harping on for some time – “Hollywood is out of sync with the rest of the world.” I found a great article that explains more people have seen March of the Penguins than any of the films nominated for best picture. True, the Picture nominees are great films, but what has happened to the grand epics and sweeping love stories that capture the minds of millions, rather than a select target audience. A polite name for these artsy so-so’s is Niche films, or “films that didn’t do near the business we wanted them to so we will tell everyone it was for a specific group of people” It’s the same tactic used when distributors say they are advertising by “word of mouth”. It is sort of fun watching all these executives smile and accept the nominations with pride and honor while inwardly cursing their shortsightedness in mass appeal. True they may say they are happy backing such artistic endeavors, but I’m sure they and their shareholders would be happier if it had been a success. I know I’m ranting, and probably saying a lot of un-PC things, but it seems that the voters are roped into nominating films for PC reasons. Little tyke Brokeback Mountain received a nomination in all of the main categories, whereas behemoth juggernaut the Passion of the Christ last year did not receive a single one in the same categories. People might blame artistic differences, critical acclaim or what have you but the truth of the matter is: Hollywood’s morals are not embraced by most of America, and America’s mainstream morals are not embraced by Hollywood. Hence decline in movies addressing America’s morals, hence decline in ticket sales, hence an upswing of Hollywood patting itself on the back because that is the only way they will get recognition (and hopefully draw more of the mainstream America on whom they despise and rely on) into the theatres! I’m proud to be a part of it.
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