Friday, June 24, 2005

Shin Splints and Batman's Incest

My legs kill cause’ I started this new boxing aerobics class. Unfortunately, it is mainly populated by people who are skinny enough that they don’t even need to be there. Whilst jumping around and throwing punches at an invisible foe, my legs began to hurt. Now they are searing with pain because I contracted shin splints. So, I have been instructed to take it easy and take care of my legs till they heal. Silly me, I should have known better than to do something worthwhile and healthy. I have been sending out tons of applications to different production companies and films with minimal success. I was in the running for an assistant to the director of the upcoming The Fog, but they had already started someone earlier. Unfortunately this happens a lot since I have to get the trade jobs from a friend, who gets them from a friend, from a friend and so on…until it’s a little outdated when it comes to me. Interesting note of the day deals with the incestuous nature of Hollywood. Case in point…the Batman movies. Michelle Fifer (as catwoman) plays Batman’s love interest in Batman Returns, and then in One Fine Day, she plays George Clooney’s love interest. Hence, George Clooney is Batman: correct in Batman & Robin! Now apply the same logic to the more recent Batman. Michael Keaton plays Batman in Batman, then Katie Holmes’ father in First Daughter. Hence, Katie Holmes should be Batman’s daughter….but in Batman Begins, she is his lover. A father/lover dynamic is disturbing…see, incest.
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