Friday, December 12, 2014

NBA Jazz Player Value - Quarter

Time again to look at the player value of the jazz purely from a stats standpoint. I've basically averaged how much they make by their output to come up with their value. Being 1/4 the way through the season, I felt it was time to asses their contributions based on how much we're paying them. Can't wait to see what new player Patrick Christopher brings to the team.

Above the Line:

1. Joe Ingles (same) - Still at the top because he gets paid so little, and leads with the lowest average for steals, assists and points.

2. Trey Burke (same) - still going strong!

3. Rudy Gobert (same) - averaging a team best $10,066 per rebound, he also leads the team in Field goal percentage at 60.30%

4. Alec Burks (up 1) - Still my favorite player on the team. Basically runs the offense.

5. Rodney Hood (up 1) - With Burks out for a few games, hood had a chance to start and upped his value. He is still last on the team in FG 29% and 3-point average 26.30%.

Below the line:

6. Trevor Booker (up 2) - is this close to being above the line!

7. Dante Exum (same) - is just ahead of Hayward on the value scale, but making only 59.10% of his free throws won't help him.

8. Gordon Hayward (up 2) - making strides in his value index.

9. Ian Clark (down 5) - the largest drop is due to his underutilization, but he's still making a team best 50% of his 3's and 100% of his Free Throws.

10. Enes Kanter (up 2) - I hope he proves me wrong, but we need someone new.

11. Derrick Favors (same) - not doing much as far as value is concerned, but making a huge impat on the court.

12. Steve Novak - (down 3) - not much playing time, but fills a good role. He's tops on the team with 50% 3 pointers.

13. Jeremy Evans - This guy just never gets to play.
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