Friday, December 12, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Review

There is a part in Exodus that sums up the movie perfectly..A vengeful God who looks nothing like you probably would imagine, throws a fit of rage as he wants the Pharoah to get on his knees before him, and then calmly says something profound to a lost Moses (Christian Bale), before the next scene evolves into something out of a Jaws movie. Such is the highs, lows and everything in between film of Gods and Kings. The Mood shifts from reverent to violent on a dime and not enough time is spent developing the charaters enough so that we care if they live or die. That could be a good thing since it spares us from a 4 hour run time like the 10 Commandments.

Christian bale plays a confused Moses who doesn't know he's Jewish, and never really accepts it while Joel Edgerton plays his brother-like king Ramses who is as conflicted and twisted as he is a loving father. I have no clue why they promote Sigurney Weaver, she has.. like, 1 line. Ridley Scott is the director and with that dream team assembled it seems like the movie should be way better than it really is.

The move in General is really good. The way the plagues are presented is graphic and realistic, giving this tale more of a sense of dire survival rather than spectacle. The parting of the Red sea is also particularly realistic and incredible. Other elements could have been fleshed out and conversations in the bible never happen on the film. God is inconspicuously absent in most of the film, giving Moses's decisions a sense of desperation rather than obedience. For a film about the works of God, you would expect him to have a larger (both literally and figuratively) role.

Final Consensus:
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