Friday, March 18, 2011

SXSW: South by Southwest and the ballad of no sleep

So last week I had the opportunity to attend South by Southwest. Now, this festival began as a Music festival in Austin Texas and has since swelled to include an Interactive conference and a Film festival. I was there at the Interactive conference for work wich took up most of my day from about 9:30am through 6pm. Since there was nothing to do at my hotel afterwards, and since I do not enjoy the drunken party scene sprayed all over 6th street, I spent my nights watching movies....and lots of them.

The cool thing about South by Southwest which differed from Sundance is their old theaters and even the Alamo Drafthose that serves dinner while you watch the movie. There is a lot of press hype and every screening features Q&A's afterwards. It was really cool to have the actors and directors answer questions about their films (thanks Brit Marling, Guillermo del Toro, Catherine Hardwicke, Rainn Wilson). It was also really cool to see the stars, however briefly and even get to speak to a few of them (gracias Simon Pegg and Jake Gyllenhaal). In all it was a great experience and I saw a lot of movies. I will be sure to update my reviews as I get around to them, but they will be mixed in with my Sundance reviews I never got around too.

I hope you will get a chance to check some of these movies out as many may never see a large distribution or release. At least you know that somewhere, somehow....good, interesting movies are still being made, wether thats reflected in your local movie theater is another matter. Too bad you won't be able to enjoy all the Texas Barbecue that I had to compliment my experience. Thank you Rudy's and the Ironworks Grille!!

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