Friday, July 20, 2007

A New Tome

Harry Potter comes out this weekend and I am actually excited. I usually don’t get into these things that much but I have been on a reading kick as of late. I just finished “Like Water for Chocolate” which was great and I am now half-way through “The Devils Teeth” about great white sharks off the coast of San Francisco. I think the real reason I am excited is because me and my wife have a tradition of reading the book aloud together which makes it a fun sort of bonding moment. In other news, my new job has its perks, like seeing images and trailers of upcoming movies before anyone else does. I also get to read the scripts and sometimes even get to see the movie before it’s released. Hey, I have to know what I’m marketing. There is a lot to do in this job though, that’s for sure. I enjoy learning new things and working with other countries. We’ll see where it leads.
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