Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back to Life

The Christmas holiday is now over and my son is going through Daddy withdraw. He was really upset that I had to go to work today, but when all of my vacation days were taken away when I transferred into this department, I had none left to take off the week between Christmas and New Years. Now, I am the only one in the office with my boss and it’s kind of driving me nuts since she has to know every exact detail of everything that I am doing. Right now, she’s asking me what I am typing, so officially…this is a memo to the President of the division summarizing the gifts that were sent out in his name. Fun huh. It’s back to real life I suppose. I’m reading a book called World War Z, about a worldwide zombie takeover (fiction) and it was talking about all these people who suddenly became useless during a crisis because they made their living sitting at a desk pushing papers and did not have a real contributive skill like a doctor, construction or farmer. It hit me then that I would be one of those useless ones in the event of a zombie takeover. It specifically mentioned the entertainment industry as being especially worthless. Its great to know that if there ever was any kind of natural disaster or crisis, I would have almost nothing to contribute.
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