Monday, September 25, 2006

Wedding Work

Weddings, I have decided, are not as fun as people initially make them out to be. In going over my schedule for the weekend I thought it would be fun to make a few trips for my brothers wedding, the reception etc. but it turned out to be quite exhausting. I was doing some of the videography as well, which I think will turn out good, but it just seemed like I was working most of the weekend. I have another wedding coming up the end of October, but this one is not a relation and so I’ll be able to hopefully, just enjoy! It’s back east, so I get to go back where the leaves actually change color. Here in Los Angeles it just gets really dry and windy, and the only oranges and yellows you see are from the wildfires. My job seems to have gotten back to a level of normalcy as of late, but we are already preparing for the holiday season. I am just grateful there is not a party thrown on top of that as well.

Picture of the Day: If I had to ride around Hawaii in a dune Buggy, I would take this one too!
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