Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a common serf

I have decided to write, and to do so more frequently. My new job affords loads of possibilities for quirky stories as I am not dealing with the mundane tasks that I had before. I am now with the Television company under the studio and my job has become more…shall we say, secretarial. It’s because my boss is pretty old-school studio minded. She has me make coffee and get people on the phone for her. You heard me right; I make someone else’s coffee. I don’t even drink the stuff, it smells like burnt dirt. Oh well, I’m hoping this leads somewhere. It was a raise in pay and despite the eccentricities of the dept. I like what I do. If this doesn’t pan out, I am planning on being on Steven Spielberg’s new reality show that is attempting to find the “next big Hollywood director” Booyah!
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