Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I haven’t even been using this blob to document what I said it would, and that is my inevitable rise to prominence in the film industry. Well, that isn’t going too fast but there are changes. I just accepted a new job with out TV department here. Basically, I will be handling our relations with network executives so we remain in close ties with them when they decide to order shows or pilots for their new line-ups*. Our studio has a great reputation of putting a lot of shows on TV so I have to maintain that relationship with them. My title: Administrative coordinator. How boring. I was also helping on and independent short film over the weekend. I started out as a PA/Grip and moved more into Gaffing and Camera. It was great to do something creative again but I had forgotten how relentless the hours and work were. I fell in love with the HD camera there, wanna get one. Maybe when I win the lottery; but that is a different rise to prominence to be documented later.

*a line-up is the listing of shows that a network (such as ABC or CBS) decides to put on the schedule for the upcoming TV season.
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