Monday, November 17, 2014

NBA - Jazz Player Value

So this year I was intrigued to see how much NBA players were getting paid. (Hint: It's a lot of money). Being that I will see every home game of the Utah Jazz this year, I decided to put together an algorithm that tallies up their stats vs. their salary to see who is the best deal on the Jazz Roster. Now this would take forever for the entire NBA, so you will just have to make do with these stats.

We are now officially 1/8 of the season in, And from my calculations here's the winners and losers from least Valuable, to most Valuable:

12. Enes Kanter - Center
It's good to be Kanter who makes the most money for the smallest amount of effort. With the organization paying him aproximately $1,423,669 per assist and $1,898,225 per steal, Kanter has a lot of work to do to show he's worth the money they are shelling out for him. Granted he adds a lot of intangibles from an inside size perspective, but overall, they are paying way too much for what they are getting.

11. Derrick Favors - Forward

This is just a case of getting paid so much that it will take a while to even out in the stats category. He's a really good player with even more potential, thats why he's making potential money, and not a logical salary. Lets see what he does come the halfway point.

10. Gordon Hayward - Forward

I've always though what the Jazz are paying this guy is ludicrous. He's making superstar money and I'll let you in on a little secret, he's not a superstar. Here's hoping over the next few years he proves me wrong, but it's gonna take a while before his value rises.

9. Steve Novak - Forward

Granted he's not a starter, but they are still paying this guy a whole lot of money to do not much. He's last on the team in rebound value making $1,148,649 per rebound, and points pulling in $287,162 per point. I think anyone in the world would like to be making that much money.

8. Trevor Booker - Forward

How many Forwards are on this frekin' team? Trevor, like Favors is a victim of a large paycheck. He will definately be pulling down better value in the weeks to come as he has found a niche in the defensive scheme of the Jazz. He also has monster flashes on offense, so I expect his value to improve significantly. Even as a backup.

7. Dante Exum - Guard

The unknown from down under is still a bit of an unknown. If he builds up he can turn into the next Burks. Until then, the jury is still out. Lets hope the Jazz didn't waste an amazing draft pick on this mystery.

6. Rodney Hood - Guard-Forward

The two rookies are side by side on the value index even though Hood makes significantly less. That's OK though because he gets significantly less playing time. He has a Jekyl and Hyde complex coming in last in field goals at 25.80% but making 100% of his free throws. If he had the same minutes as Exum, he would be a much better value, and for that reason, I have him above Exum.

5. Alec Burks - Guard

He better enjoy this season from a value standpoint, because when he starts making the big bucks next year, his value will not be near as high. He'll be down in the Favors range. He's second in point value being paid a measly 20 grand per point (measly?) and thats what makes his value so high.

4. Ian Clark - Guard

This guy gets almost no playing time but also makes almost nothing compared to his teammates. He leads the team in FG and 3 point percentage. For that reason, Ian is so high on the list. Its a perfect scenario of making the most of the few minutes your in. Keep this up and he may turn it into a higher paycheck with more playing time.

3. Rudy Gobert - Center

I really like this guy. He's smooth and plays smart. As a backup his value is through the roof because the Jazz aren't paying him an amazing amount. He has the best rebound value on the team at $22,106 per rebound. If he keeps playing at this level with all the minutes he's been given, the Jazz will be forced to make him a better offer, or he'll be gone for sure.

2. Trey Burke - Guard

The unsung hero of the team, Trey can't hit a three to save his life (24.10%) but makes up for it in assists and a relatively low salary wich puts him near the top of the value index. He hasn't emerged as the star the Jazz hoped he would, but he's making strides.

1. Joe Ingles - •Guard-Forward

This is the perfect storm of a ridiculously low salary and high utilization (he's played in every game so far). He leads the team in value for assists ($28,185 per), steals ($72,477 per), and points ($19,513). If he can maintain these numbers on the limited playing time, he will reamin in the tops of player value for the sheer fact that his salary is so low. His one flaw is he has is making a team worst 50% on free throws.

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