Friday, February 26, 2010

Win FREE movie tickets and be a guest reviewer

Every year I hold a competition with my family to predict the Academy Award winners. I would pit their brains and film knowledge against mine to see if anyone could out-predict me when it came to naming the winners of all the major categories. We had a lot of fun, and usually I would win out. A few times I was bested though and some of my family won some sweet prizes (trip to Hollywood, tour a studio, DVD’s etc.)

This year I am opening up the contest to EVERYONE!!! What does that mean? Well, you have a chance to outsmart me by predicting more winners of the Academy Awards than I do. I know, I know…your asking why would you be interested. The winner of the contest will get to be a guest writer on my blog and get to Review a film of their choice! In order for you to review a great film, I will give you two free movie tickets (through the miracle of a modern technology called the interweb) and a gift certificate for concessions for the theater of your choice! So…here are the rules:

1. Fill out this ballot, or write out who you think will take home the Oscar from each of the major categories.
2. E-mail me your predictions to with the subject ‘Oscar Competition’
3. You must send your prediction by 3pm on Sunday March 7th to qualify.
4. To prove I’m not cheating, I will post my predictions here before the show begins.
5. The winner will be notified the following week and arrangements will be made through Fandango or another online site for concessions and tickets.

And honestly, if you're too lazy to send me your predictions for something so awesomely free, then you don't deserve to win anyway. Good luck and may the best cinefile win!

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