Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My birthday has come and gone and I am officially old. I remember being a kid and thinking that if I ever got to 30, I would officially be old. The one cool part about being this age is that I still feel that there is so much ahead of me and I’m not tied down or set in my ways. It feels good to still be able to change and morph, despite my age. I had everyone sing happy birthday to me at work and they gave me a cool soda pop bottle with M&M’s and salt water taffy. The real treat was at home where I got to go bowling, have a party and got “sprinkles” cupcakes. Not the real ones from LA, but ones my wife made from a recipe she found and all I can say is…THEY WERE PERFECT. I told her she should open up a bakery they were so good. I also got the Indiana Jones Trilogy from my son and he loves watching them as much as I do. I was definitely not as brave as he is at that age since he seems to take melting heads and hearts being ripped out a lot better than I did.
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