Friday, September 07, 2007

Boring Update

I actually get a chance to update this thing and honestly have nothing really exciting to share. I just finished a massive design project for a company pitching a mechanical idea. I don’t have much experience in Industrial Illustration, but I think they came out all right. As far as the movie business goes, I’m actually getting excited to see Beowulf and I am Legend…two movies I am working on. I think it’s fascinating some of the stuff we are coming up with. It seems internationally, there is a much more immersive digital experience with films than domestically. I’ll let you know of any cool stuff once it’s made available. On the home front, my wife and kids are out of town visiting her family, so I am left here to slave away and work. I’m going to Arizona this weekend to visit my sis and watch Colorado (my alum) take on Arizona State. Colorado should loose. Wow, this really is a boring post.
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