Friday, August 03, 2007

Star Power

The two lead actresses in two of our upcoming films are not happy with the movies at all. In fact it was put as “Actress A hates her film only slightly less than Actress B hates her film.” Now, this may not seem like a big deal (other than the fact that they signed on for the film in the first place), but it’s really hard to market a movie when the star freaking’ hates the thing. That means no to limited press, publicity, junkets, presence of the star of the show. Can that kill a film? No, but it makes our jobs a lot harder trying to convince the peoples to watch a movie when even the lead hates it. In other news, they are trying to re-vamp the punisher movie franchise (hey, maybe third times a charm). I loved the comic but hated the movie. Oh, and I wanna eat one of these because it looks positively hideous.
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