Monday, May 08, 2006

The Slate

Last Thursday I went to "The Slate" where we got the inside scoop on the movies that are coming out. The best part was watching extended trailers of the movies and some that haven’t even come out yet. Poseidon looks a lot better than I had initially though. I’d been to all the sets and watched them film it last summer, but it came together really well. Definitely one to watch in the theaters. Happy Feet looks hilarious. It’s about penguins and their mating rituals which involve singing. However, the hero can’t seem to sing a lick, but can tap-dance up a storm. The Reaping looks a little to satanic for my taste and The Lake House could turn out to be a very promising romantic drama. The Lady in the Water pre-vis* trailer renewed my hope in the movie. Not only does some water-nymph end up in a pool, but supposedly, the door to “fairy tale land” has been thrown wide open letting in all the fairy tale creatures…which include the big bad wolf and other things that go bump in the night. In all it was good to get psyched about upcoming titles as well as for the studio. Other great titles that look promising are Fred Clause, We are Marshall, The Good German, The Departed and The Blood Diamond. I also found a great article about what it’s like trying to make it down here. Pretty insightful stuff, considering how mean it really is.

*pre-vis: meaning a very, very rough cut of film. Usually characters are not fleshed out and it has time code all over it, hasn't been color corrected and the sound hasn't been done.
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